Raigad Talathi Question Paper 2014 – English

 Talathi Question Paper 2014 of Raigad District

Raigad Talathi Question Paper 2014 English


1)“One who loves mankind” is called ———–

  1. A) Mercenary B) neurotic C) philanthropist           D) misanthropist

2) which one of the following words is the appropriate syn onym of the work “honourable”

  1. A) Respectable B) Unworthy C) Honorary                 D) Dependable

3) Use the correct verb from the following alternatives to complete the sentence – The doctor advised the patient ——— smoking.

  1. A) to giving up B) to give up     C) should give  up        D) gave up

4) Select the correct – adjective of the noun “advantage”

  1. A) Advantageously B) advancement C) advantageous         D) advantages

5) Select the correct adverb of the verb “define”

  1. A) definite B) definition          C) definitive  D) definitely

6) Choose the correct exclamatory sentence from the following.

  1. A) the new Padmini car has an engine that is very powerful!
  2. B) The engine of the new padmini is very powerful!
  3. C) I low power engine of the new padmini car!
  4. D) What a powerful engine the new padmini ear has!

7) Choose the best alternative to fill in the blank I ______ the sound

  1. A) heard B) has been           C) has been hearing D) am hearing

8) Complete the following sentence using  the correct alternative – There are some letters for you and ___________

  1. A) I B) my               C) me                           D) mine

9) Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentence – None of these five boys …………. Present then.

  1. A) is B) was             C) were                        D) are

10) Ramesh congratulated me ………. my success.

  1. A) upon B) for               C) on                           D) about

Choose the word that is most opposite in meaning of the words given below under each number.

11) Extension.

  1. A) widening B) weakening   C) substraction D) about

12) Vague.

  1. A) definite B) perfect         C) correct                    D) blunt

13) Dominating.

  1. A) submissive B) arrogant       C) weak                       D) polite

14) Fusion.

  1. A) Unity B) separation    C) integration                D) merger

15) Prolonged.

  1. A) short B) long C) completed               D) destroyed

16) Augment.

  1. A) increase B) compensate C) follow                      D) decrease

Pick out the most effective word from the four alternative words given to fill in the blank to make the sentence complete.

17)   Cancer is not a disease that can be …… thought the air or by insects.

  1. A) transmitted B) spread         C) circulated                 D) inflected

18) I would like to know ……… the correct pin code number for Pune city is.

  1. A) which B) what            C) that                          D) of

19) The inspector may visit the hotel and enqurie the complaint.

  1. A) in B) into              C) of                            D) about

20) Please do not ……… to let me know the facts of the case.

  1. A) object B) hesitate        C) think                        D) yield

Each of the following idioms or phrases is following by four alternative meaning of which only one correct. Choose the correct meaning …..

21) At sixes and sevens.

  1. A) in a readymade B) completely beate      C) irregularly    D) in disorder

22) Head and shoulders.

  1. A) a young man having old brain B) a clever man
  2. C) very superior D) angry young man

23) Crocodile tears.

  1. A) laughing B) false tears    C) hue and cry              D) cause of quarrel

24) To smell a rat

  1. A) to suspect a deceit B) to do nothing C) to act foolishly        D) to show anger

25) To end in Smoke.

  1. A) to achieve nothing B) to achieve one’s       C) to failure      D) to die in fight


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